8 Jul Monstrous Arcana: The Illithiad (2e) – The Illithiad is a visually stunning tome that details important information on mind flayers, their mental. From the back of the book: The Illithiad is a visually stunning tome that details important information in mind flayers, their mental powers, and their dire plans to . The Illithiad is one of a series of books and adventures called Monstrous Arcana. These books are designed as an incredibly detailed look into.

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The Lost and the Damned. The mind flayers became so important to Spelljammer, that TSR’s designers got flak from the marketing department when they tried to introduce them to the Ravenloft Campaign Setting Trivia About The Illithiad Ad Recent History Monstrous Arcana: Rick rated it liked it Jun 13, Please fill out the copyright illithiqd to register a complaint. It accomplishes the task of making that single master interesting enough to base a campaign around fighting it.

The Illithiad by Bruce R. Cordell

Illithiad “complete book of illithids” covers: However, mind flayers are very versatile, and as a result they’ve been part of many other settings. Continuing the Monstrous Arcana.

Cordell, is the sourcebook for the third Monstrous Arcana sequence, focusing on the mind flayers. This book was completely serious well, as serious as a illiyhiad game can be. The Illithiad opens with 4 pages, I say again take note filthy white wolf angst-wank scribes, 4 pages of introductory flavor text. Last up in the description of the elusive mind flayer lifespan is a number of variants and related creatures.


This gave him enough clout that when he requested the assignment to write “The Illithiad” and its three adventures, he was given the task.

In true Lovecraftian fashion, they ruled a plane-spanning empire in the days when the planes were yet differently aligned illithiwd was so awesome it was capable of challenging the Outer Planes themselves. The section ends with a discussion of some psionic drawbacks, nothing along the lines of Warhammer 40k, but consistently burning out all your PSPs every time can have some fucked up negative consequences over a very large period of time, causing a psionic cascade where you have an infinitesimal chance of basically randomly firing all of your psionic powers at an ever accelerating rate at random targets until you run out of PSPs.

Illithid-kin, undead mind flayers, and new’ flayer-kin monsters.

How to Play Dungeons and Dragons. Curse of the Yellow Sign. Jeremy illithiar it it was ok Jan 03, Wizards hyped The mind flayer books with a simultaneous magazine article: Level Based Earn XP and level up.

Rather then turn a fairly one-dimensional villain into an anti-hero or some other nonsense, the Illithiad manages to give us a nuanced and in depth look on mind flayer society and psychology, making them all the more clearly evil.

While it is a filthy fluffsplat, it is nevertheless chuckfull of gameables, variants and adversaries, not to mention enough detail to keep a game against a single type of opponent from getting stale. Previous page of related Sponsored Products. Compact Heroes Master Set. It could cause insanity, death, coma, or stunning, depending on the target’s INT.

The Illithiad

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Like Liked by 1 person. A small message is added to the bottom of each page of the illthiad containing your name and the order number of your eBook purchase. The terrible truth about the mind flayer life cycle. A balanced look at illithid psionic powers. These ebooks were created from the original electronic layout files, and therefore are fully text searchable.


A psionic disease is mentioned which at least can provide some sort of complication or hook or flavor and it ends very effectively, with a fascinating paragraph on some Ilkithiad retaining minor behavioral quirks of the host bodies they have taken over and a quite frankly brilliant paragraph of a dark Illithid legend of THE ADVERSARY, an Illithid that was eventually taken over by the personality fragments of its original host and moved among illithizd Illithid, seeking to destroy them from within while outwardly appearing a Mindflayer.

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This is the good 2e. Dale Donovan rated it really liked it Jul 04, Click here for more details.

I would have liked [ The ad does not play. THE 2nd Edition book on illithids.

The Illithiad | RPG Item | RPGGeek

Mind flayers are not misunderstood, tormented or even once noble creatures with a legitimate grievance against the universe. Wakeman collated shortly ilithiad his disappearance by a wizard of the Arcane Order, the order being something of a recurring feature in the DnD related works of Cordell. Discover one boy’s battle of his inner duality! No Web Links Found.